Strategic services for measurable growth

Strategic services for measurable growth

Strategic services for measurable growth

Welcome to MarketFit

MarketFit provides strategic services to help companies achieve measurably increased growth. Our services include Value Discovery™ methodology, which we developed to help our clients gain unique insight into their customers’ values, motivations, and goals.

This powerful market insight is fundamental to defining and delivering the Maximum Value Proposition™ that clearly communicates to customers the “why” that makes them buy. We then help our clients use this insight to drive measurable growth in market share, revenue, and profit.

MarketFit clients have ranged from startups through publicly-traded, international and multinational corporations across a range of industries, markets, and technologies.

We would welcome the opportunity to explore how MarketFit Value Discovery methodology and other strategic services can help your company achieve unprecedented growth. Please contact us to start the discussion.

Photo of Vancouver, Canada with views beyond. Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, MarketFit enjoys working with clients worldwide.

MarketFit strategic services include

  • Corporate strategy & product strategy
  • Team alignment
  • Business planning support

  • Product positioning & value proposition coaching
  • Customer research & product discovery

  • Strategic Pricing

  • Product management coaching
  • Product innovation coaching

  • Executive & team coaching
  • Facilitation & workshops

  • Roadmapping & prioritization process
  • And more

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About Alan Albert

MarketFit Founder and President Alan Albert is the co-founder of three software companies, selling one to Apple Computer. An innovator and collaborator, Alan has conceived and led the design and development of multiple top-selling and award-winning products, generating cumulative revenue of more than US$1 billion.

He is honored to have been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from FileMaker Inc., a division of Apple Computer.

Following education in cognitive psychology and computer science at Brown University, Alan’s career has spanned Fortune 500, SMB, and startup ventures. In technology, brick-and-mortar and pure services businesses, he has developed expertise across a wide range of B2B and B2C markets.

Alan has gained perspective through leadership roles as CEO and as head of Marketing, Product Management, Development, Quality Assurance, Strategy and Customer Service. Alan also enjoys serving as board chair, director and strategic advisor to growing businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Photo of Alan Albert

Alan Albert, Founder / CEO

About Rajko Dikmann

Driven by a profound belief in collaboration and the transformative power of empathetic leadership, Rajko forges strong relationships that stand at the core of his ventures, fueling innovation and a culture of creativity.

After stints across the Australian, English, and German markets in ad-tech, he embarked on founding PubStream to break new ground in the digital advertising arena. Fostering an environment ripe with innovation to develop pioneering B2B solutions across the US and Canada, he ultimately guided PubStream to an acquisition.

With GreenWave he ventured into new territory, introducing a B2C real estate aggregator in Costa Rica. Championing transparency and community engagement, the platform revolutionized the property buying and selling experience in Central America.

Before these ventures, Rajko’s early career was distinguished by his roles in strategic partnership collaborations with Google and Amazon. These experiences, combined with his education in Politics, Philosophy, & Psychology from Goethe University in Frankfurt, shaped his holistic view of leadership. His approach is intricately woven with the belief that the intersection of technology, society, and human progress is where true innovation lies.

Photo of Rajko Dikmann

Rajko Dikmann

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