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Speaking Engagements

Looking for a speaker for your next event?

MarketFit President Alan Albert is available for speaking at your conference, meetup, team meeting or corporate event.

Alan also enjoys leading workshops to help your company or team step up to the next level.

Hear real-world stories and lessons learned from in-the-trenches experience. Stories about leading marketing, development, and product management departments, startup ventures and boards of directors. Learn current best practices for product innovation, product positioning, pricing and teamwork. Discover surprising ways to improve your organization’s performance.

Expect your assumptions to be challenged, and conversations to be sparked. Contact us to learn more.

Photo of Alan Albert speaking at ProductCamp Seattle 2015

Alan Albert speaking on The Maximum Value Proposition at ProductTank Vancouver

Speaking topics

  • Value Discovery™ Research and the Maximum Value Proposition™
  • Pricing your Products for maximum return

  • Lean Startups and Lean Product Development
  • Customer Research and the Customer Development Model
  • Product Management best practices and lessons learned
  • Value Proposition Design and how to discover customer values
  • Product Development lessons learned

Recent Engagements

Alan Albert’s recent speaking engagements include:

  • Product BCVancouver BC
    Your Price is Wrong: How to Price Your Product for Maximum Return

  • ProductCamp Portland, Vancouver BC
    The Surprising Fastest Path to Product-Market Fit
    Your Price is Wrong: How to Price Your Product for Maximum Return
  • ProductCamp Vancouver, Vancouver BC
    The Surprising Fastest Path to Product-Market Fit
    Your Price is Wrong: How to Price Your Product for Maximum Return

  • ProductCamp Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, CA
    The Surprising Fastest Cheapest Smartest Path to Product-Market Fit
  • Beyond Agile & PMCNW Joint Meetup, Seattle, WA
    ProductCamp Vancouver, Vancouver, BC
    ProductCamp Seattle, Seattle WA
    The Surprising Fastest Way to Reach Product-Market Fit
  • BCTIA Product Management Group / ProductTank, Vancouver, BC
    The Maximum Value Proposition™:  How to Create Winning Products with the New MVP
  • ProductCamp Vancouver, Vancouver, BC
    Why Your Product Sucks — And What to Do About It

Photo of Alan Albert speaking at ProductCamp Seattle 2015


Pad Warrier profile picture

In a crowded field of excellent presentations at ProductCamp, Alan’s talk was one of the most insightful and thought provoking. His pivot on MVP – maximum value rather than minimum viable puts product development in refreshing new light.”

Pad Warrier, Board Member, Product Management Consortium, Seattle

Alan’s talk at Product Camp was one of the most thought provoking talks of the day. Though it was the last talk of the day he held my attention until the end.

I found myself telling others about Alan’s MVP and today I got an email from a colleague asking me for more information on the topic.

Lauren Brown, Blink UX

Photo of Lauren Brown, Blink UX

Image of Kaitlyn Bate for Testimonial.

As an attendee of this year’s Seattle Product Camp, Alan’s presentation on Maximum Value Proposition has made me rethink about how to provide the most value to our customers and how to get there.

Thanks Alan for such a great presentation and providing us with a new way in approaching getting qualitative customer feedback!

Jeff Pasek, Product Management, Verity Solutions

As a product manager, Alan’s presentation was like a breath of fresh air.  Alan charted out why the current best practices in product management are flawed and presented a very practical approach to more effectively build your products.

I highly recommend Alan’s presentation for all product managers and entrepreneurs.

– Kaitlyn Bate, Senior Product Manager at TalentWise

Kaitlyn Bate Profile Image

Nathan S. Maas profile picture

Having used multiple methodologies to ship products, I found Alan’s approach to be beautifully intuitive and hyper focused on the most important aspect of product management — the customer.

– Nathan S. Maas

I’ve had the privilege of hearing Alan speak at two Product Camps, and sincerely wish that I had been exposed to his ideas at the beginning of my Product Management career. I know I could have been a better PM if I’d applied his principles. I strongly recommend that every PM make a point of hearing what Alan has to say.

Bob Hamilton, Instructor, International Business, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Bob Hamilton profile image

Tom Lessing profile image

Alan clearly understands and articulates exactly how to create great products by leveraging the core internal values of the buyers.

Tom Lessing, Managing Partner, QB Projects Ltd

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