Want to know why they buy?

Want to know why they buy?

Want to know why
they buy?

Introducing Value Discovery Research

Why do some customers buy your products, yet others buy from your competitors? Value Discovery™ Research can provide the answer.

Want to quickly collect the data you need to confidently make decisions based on knowing what your customers value most?

Value Discovery Research gives you the solid data you need to make better decisions.

What is Value Discovery Research?

Value Discovery Research is a rigorous research methodology designed to quickly discover customer values and motivations. Value Discovery is:

  • Scientific — Qualitative and quantitative
  • Fast — Delivers new insights within weeks
  • Practical — Useful, not just “interesting”
  • Applicable — To any product or service
  • Flexible — Can be targeted at buyers, users, channels, or any audience

How does Value Discovery Research work?

Value Discovery Research is a structured methodology that includes in-depth interviews. These open-ended interviews, customized for each client, dig deep into customer motivations. We uncover what is rarely learned in customer research: the “why” that makes them buy.

Traditional market research surveys can answer only the kind of questions you think to ask, and so can help quantify only what you already think you know.

Value Discovery Research provides new insights into customer values that you can’t get any other way. Value Discovery Research ensures you hear the true voice of the customer.

We guarantee it

We customize each project to deliver the results you need. All MarketFit strategic services come with our “pay only for value” guarantee. Ask us for full details.


Choose the service that’s right for you

Value Discovery services are available as a full-service offering, as training, or in a collaborative approach.

Full-service Value Discovery Research

MarketFit provides Value Discovery as a full-service offering. We will work with you to define the engagement requirements and deliverables. We will then conduct the research and present our findings and recommendations.

Value Discovery Research training

Value Discovery Training

For companies seeking a more hands-on experience, MarketFit provides training to empower your staff to conduct Value Discovery research. We will work with you throughout your project to ensure a successful outcome.

Collaborative Value Discovery Research

Want a hybrid of full-service Value Discovery research and  hands-on training? In the collaborative approach, MarketFit not only trains your staff, we also take an active role in jointly conducting the initial research interviews.

Value Discovery Research deliverables

What you’ll get:

  • All interview questions
  • All interview data and analysis
  • Summary of research findings
  • Prioritized list of customer values
  • Recommended Maximum Value Proposition

Strategic Services deliverables

MarketFit success stories

Even in a market that I already knew well, MarketFit’s Value Discovery framework helped me gain significant new insight into our customers’ priorities. This information was instrumental in focusing our early designs for a new product and quickly securing its first customers.

Sasha Hryciuk, CEO, Loft 47

MarketFit helped us build Value Discovery interviews to truly understand our users and identify their most important values. Using the research developed with MarketFit, we’ve built a product that appeals to our customers’ values, and that our users love. The research disproved our assumptions about users’ values just weeks before development started. It changed our entire product roadmap for the better.

Yash Nijati, CEO, thisopenspace

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